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Publications from 2013

Adamatzky, A. (2013) On growing connected beta-skeletons. Computational Geometry, 46, 805-816, doi:

Adamatzky, A. (2013) On oscillators in phyllosilicate excitable automata. International Journal of Modern Physics C, 24, doi: 10.1142/S0129183113500344.

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Adamatzky, A. (2013) On Soliton Collisions between Localizations in Complex Elementary Cellular Automata: Rules 54 and 110 and Beyond. Complex Systems, 21. available: local: preprints/2013_Adamatzky_Soliton_Collitions.pdf

Alonso-Sanz, R. and Adamatzky, A. (2013) On Delaunay triangulation automata with memory. Nano Communication Networks (in press), doi:

Bull, L., Holley, J., de Lacy Costello, B. and Adamatzky, A. (2013) Toward Turing's A-type Unorganised Machines in an Unconventional Substrate: a Dynamic Representation in Compartmentalised Excitable Chemical Media. Computing Nature, 7, 185-199. preprint

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Accepted for publication in 2014:

Adamatzky, A. (2014) How beta-skeletons lose their edges. Information Sciences, 254, 213-224. available:

Submitted Papers:

Gorecka, J.N., Gorecki, J., Szymanski, J. and Gizynski, K. (2012) A simple model of interactions between Belousov-Zhabotinsky droplets. (submitted).

King, P.H., Abraham, C.H., Zauner, K.-P. and Planque, M.R.R. de. (2013) Excitability modulation of oscillating media in 3D-printed structures. Artificial Life (Submitted).

King, P.H., Jones, G., Morgan, H. and de Planque, M.R.R. (2013) Interdroplet bilayer arrays in millifluidic droplet traps from 3D-printed moulds. (submitted).

Gorecki, J., Gorecka, J.N. and Adamatzky, A. (2013) Information coding with frequency of oscillations in Belousov-Zhabotinsky encapsulated disks. (submitted to Phys. Rev. E).

Articles in Preparation:

Diem, A., Gruenert, G. and Dittrich, P. (2013) Evolution and growth of molecular networks for disease classification. (to be submitted to the journal of Genetic Programing and Evolvable Machines).

Diem, A., Bathina, S.K., Gruenert, G. and Zauner, K.-P. (2013) Recipes for Computing Droplets: Video Processing Techniques for Automated Analysis. (In preparation).

Egbert, M., Gruenert, G. and Dittrich, P. (2013) Using Re-Entrant Networks of Repeated Units to Facilitate the Automated Design of Logic Gates in Unconventional Media: A New Method. (in preparation).

Gizynski, K. and Gorecki, J. (2013) Light controlled oscillations of interacting Belousov-Zhabotinsky droplets. (To be submitted to Journal).

Gorecki, J., Gorecka, J.N., Szymanski, J., Gizynski, K. and Gryciuk, M. (2013) Optimization of the detailed model for BZ-reaction in lipid covered droplets. (In preparation).

Gruenert, G., Gizynski, K., Escuela, G., Ibrahim, B., Gorecki, J. and Dittrich, P. (2013) Understanding Computing Droplet Networks by Following Information Flow. (manuscript, to be submitted to Interface).

Holley, J., De Lacy Costello, B., Bull, L. and A., A. (2013) Neural-like Analogies of Belousov Zhabotinsky Encapsulated Vesicles. (In preparation).

Jones, G., King, P.H., Morgan, H., de Planque, M.R.R. and Zauner, K.-P. (2013) Autonomous droplets. (in preparation).

Luo, H., Dittrich, P. and Zauner, K.-P. (2013) Selecting Self-Assembly Pathways. (to be submitted to Artificial Life).