Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena - Publications 2012
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Publications from 2012

Adamatzky, A. On diversity of configurations generated by excitable cellular automata with dynamical excitation intervals. International Journal of Modern Physics C., 2012, 23, 1250085 (19 pages). arXiv:1209.2668

Adamatzky, A. Patterns of conductivity in excitable automata with updatable intervals of excitations. Physical Review E, 2012, 86 (5), 056105.

Adamatzky, A.; Holley J.; Dittrich P.; Gorecki J.; De Lacy Costello, B.; Zauner K.-P. & Bull, L. On architectures of circuits implemented in simulated Belousov-Zhabotinsky droplets. Biosystems, 2012, 109(1):72-77.

De Lacy Costello, B.; Jahan, I.; Ahearn M.; Holley, J.; Bull, L. & Adamatzky, A. Initiation of waves in BZ encapsulated vesicles using light - Towards design of computing architectures, 2012, arXiv preprint, arXiv: 1212.2244. arXiv:1212.2244

Gorecka, J. N.; Gorecki J.; Szymanski J.; Gizynski K. A simple model of interactions between Belousov-Zhabotinsky droplets. 2012, Submitted.

Grünert, G.; Escuela, G. & Dittrich, P. Symbol representations in Evolving Droplet Computers, J. Durand-Lose, N. Jonoska (Eds.): Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation - 11th International Conference, UCNC 2012, Orlean, France, Sept. 3-7, 2012. Proceedings. LNCS 7445, Springer, 2012.

King, P. H.; Corsi, J. C.; Pan, B.-H.; Morgan, H.; de Planque, M. R. & Zauner, K.-P. Towards molecular computing: Co-development of microfluidic devices and chemical reaction media. Biosystems, 109(1):18-23, 2012. doi:10.1016/j.biosystems.2012.01.003

Stevens W.P., Adamatzky A, Jahan I, de Lacy Costello B. Time-dependent wave selection for information processing in excitable media. Physical Review E, 2012, 85(6), 066129. arXiv:1204.5345

Abraham, C.K.; King, P.H.; Zauner, K.-P. & de Planque, M.R.R. Selective propagation of Belousov-Zhabotinsky waves in milliscale channels(talk). In BioChemIT: 2nd COBRA Workshop on Biological and Chemical Information Technologies, Orléans, France, 03-07 Sep 2012.  

Diem, A.  Grünert, G.; Dittrich, P. Evolution and growth of molecular networks for disease classification (extended abstract). In European Conference on Complex Systems ECCS 12. Brussels, 03-07 Sep, 2012.

Jones, G.; King, P.H.; Morgan, H., de Planque, M.R.R. & Zauner, K.-P. Autonomous droplets: from neurons to muscles (talk). In BioChemIT: 2nd COBRA Workshop on Biological and Chemical Information Technologies, Orléans, France, 03-07 Sep 2012.