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Publications from 2010

Adamatzky, A. On excitable beta-skeletons. Journal of Computational Science, 2010, 1, 175 - 186

Adamatzky, A.; Martinez, G. J.; Zhang, L. & Wuensche, A. Operating binary strings using gliders and eaters in reaction-diffusion cellular automaton. Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 2010, 52, 177 - 190

Stanley, C. E.; Elvira, K. S.; Niu, X. Z.; Gee, A. D.; Ces, O.; Edel, J. B. & deMello, A. J. A microfluidic approach for high-throughput droplet interface bilayer (DIB) formation. Chem. Commun., 2010, 46, 1620 - 1622