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Images and Movies from the NeuNeu project

 Poster-droplets-2011 Poster from the Conferences: Engineering of Chemical Complexity, Berlin; 20-th European Conference on Artificial Life in Paris; and FUNCDYN 2011, 4-th European Science Foundation Conference on Functional Dynamics in Praha.
 PosterINCUP2011 Poster from the INCUP Workshop at ECAL 2011, Paris
Poster from the Nanobiotech conference 2011 in Montreux

Simulation of travelling excitations in a very simple, cyclic network
Simulation study of a simple droplet network that maximally stimulates one of the output droplet channels, counting the number of active input signals.

Andy_sim_ExcitableBubbles Self-organization of excitable bubbles.
Andy_exp_EmulsionTuring Emulsion Turing Machine, more videos can be found:
Movies of the BZ simulations described in Computational Modalities of Belousov-Zhabotinsky Encapsulated Vesicles
Movies of experiments described in `Logical and Arithmetic Circuits Constructed in Geometric Arrangements of Belousov Zhabotinsky Encapsulated Discs'.
 droplet_chain_1_1_marked Supplementory movie showing the experiment described in "Multi-scale Modelling of Computers made from Excitable Chemical Droplets"

 DropSimScreenshot DropSim, an event-based stochastic and deterministic simulator for droplet computers and a manual.
 szymanski-pulsating-droplet Movies from:
 Szymanski, J. et al. (2013) Chemo-Mechanical Coupling in Reactive Droplets. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 117, 13080-13086. available:
 gizynski-3-droplets Movies from:
 Gizynski, K. and Gorecki, J. (2013) Light controlled oscillations of interacting Belousov-Zhabotinsky droplets. (To be submitted to Journal).
 2012_Szymanski_GRC-Poster Poster: presented at the Gordon Conference on Oscillations and Dynamic Instabilities in Chemical Systems, Waterville, Maine USA, July 15-20.07.2012
 2013_gizynski-poster-rostock Poster: presented at 7th International Conference for Engineering of Chemical Complexity, Rostock 10 - 13 June 2013