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Artificial Wet Neuronal Networks from Compartmentalised Excitable Chemical Media (NEUNEU)

The NEUNEU research programme is concerned with the development of mass-producible chemical information processing components and their interconnection into functional architectures.
The individual supramolecular components will crudely resemble biological neurons and will be capable of excitation and self-repair. Self-organisation of organic compounds and proteins will be complemented with dielectrophoretic manipulation to fabricate small devices from interconnected supramolecular components. State-of-the-art micro- and nano-scale technologies will be exploited to take well established physico-chemical phenomena into the new context of forming a flexible and efficient substrate for a chemistry-based information technology. Through integrated modeling from component to architecture level a broad understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the implemented as well as related technologies will be established. This ambitious collaboration among computer-scientists, biophysicists, chemical-physcists, biochemists, chemical-biologists, and electrical engineers will develop the core science needed to build a future massively parallel computing infrastructure, will deliver prototype devices, and will pave the ground to harnessing bio- and nano-materials for a novel approach to cognitive computing.

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