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NEUNEU Kickoff Meeting

The NeuNeu Kickoff Meeting will be held in Jena on Wednesday, the 28th of April.


Wednesday, 28th of April 2010

Thursday, 29th of April 2010


Leutragraben 1
07743 Jena, Germany

50° 55' 43.719'' N
11° 35' 4.29'' E


At the moment our idea for the meeting schedule looks like the following; If you have any ideas or remarks, please contact Peter Dittrich or Gerd Gruenert.


8.45 am: Welcome and Coffee

9.00 am: Short Introduction to the NEUNEU Project by Peter Dittrich

9.15 am: Presentation of the Groups (in the order of the work packages) - about 45 minutes per group

  • SOTON: Klaus-Peter Zauner, Maurits de Planque
  • ICFPAN: Jerzy Gorecki

     coffee break

  • JENA: Peter Dittrich, Gerd Grünert
  • UWE: Andy Adamatzky, Julian Holley

12.15 am: Lunch

1.30 pm: Business Meeting, Time Sheets, Work Packages and Reports.

2.30 pm: Collecting Important Issues for a Discussion - Maybe we can all prepare topics that seem to be of special interest to us. We started a list with possible issues in the wiki:

  • Discussion Session 1
  • Discussion Session 2

     4.00 pm: coffee break

  • Discussion Session 3
  • Discussion Session 4

7.00 pm: Dinner


9:00  am - 12:00: Discussion Session 5



A list of accommodations in Jena can be found here.


Please contact Peter Dittrich or Gerd Gruenert if you need help with your travel arrangements.